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Not Your Typical Robin: Unlike many of Batman's sidekicks, Duke Thomas never officially took on the mantle of Robin. Instead,

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse - Batman (Duke Thomas) Complete Loose Action Figure



Product Description

Inspired by the "Tales from the Dark Multiverse" comic book storyline, this figure depicts Duke Thomas as an armored Batman, taking on the forces of Barbatos.


Incredible Detail: This 7-inch scale figure boasts intricate sculpting and paintwork, capturing Duke Thomas' unique armored Batsuit and the texture of the dragon hide it's fashioned from.


  • Ultra Articulation: With up to 22 moving parts, you can pose Batman Duke Thomas in a wide array of dynamic battle stances.
  • Accessories: The figure comes with his powerful Parall-Axe and a display base.
  • Collectible Art Card: Includes a card featuring Batman Duke Thomas artwork on the front and a character biography on the back.


Story Background

In the Dark Multiverse, Duke Thomas faced a world consumed by darkness. After defeating the cosmic destroyer Barbatos, he forged a unique Batsuit from the dragon's hide and ventured forth to protect the remaining survivors.

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