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Get Ready: "Valhalla Calling" Remix Gets a Stunning New Look and Release Date!

Updated: May 8

Have you ever wanted to feel like a Viking Warrior? Fans of the epic Viking-inspired anthem "Valhalla Calling" by Miracle of Sound are in for a treat! Zillion Instrumentals' electrifying remix of the song will get a thrilling makeover with brand-new cover art by the talented @killcutterphoto, set to be re-released on April 12th, 2024.

Valhalla Calling - Remastered, Re-Released with New Epic Artwork
A glimpse of the captivating Cover Artwork by @killcutterphoto

@killcutterphoto: Visuals Fit for Valhalla

The original cover art for the remix was impressive in its own right, but the new artwork by @killcutterphoto promises to elevate the experience to new heights. Expect imagery that perfectly captures the raw power and mythic grandeur of "Valhalla Calling." Be sure to follow @killcutterphoto for sneak peeks leading up to the big reveal!

A Remix That Awakens the Warrior Spirit

Zillion Instrumentals' take on "Valhalla Calling" adds a powerful electronic pulse to the song's already heart-pounding energy. The soaring vocals of Miracle of Sound's Gavin Dunne remain at the core, his voice both hauntingly beautiful and infused with the determination of a true warrior.  This remix is a call to arms, a sonic battle cry that will have your inner Viking ready to charge! Ronnie Desiderio, from Zillion Instrumentals has reported how Grateful he is to Gavin for the opportunity to embody the feeling of this record and the inspiration the vocals gave to him. If you haven't heard the original, it's a MUST that you listen to it!

Where to Find This Norse Masterpiece

The re-release of "Valhalla Calling" (Zillion Instrumentals Remix) will be available on all major streaming platforms on April 12th, 2024. Keep an eye on Miracle of Sound's social media pages for links and updates.

The Legacy of "Valhalla Calling"

Originally created as a tribute to the incredible game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, "Valhalla Calling" has become a beloved anthem for fans of the series and lovers of epic, atmospheric music.  With Zillion Instrumentals' dynamic remix and the visual mastery of @killcutterphoto, this re-release guarantees that the legend of "Valhalla Calling" will live on!

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