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Marvel Comics: Ant-Man [Prelude] Graphic Novel Comic Book

Marvel Comics: Ant-Man [Prelude] Graphic Novel Comic Book

SKU: 9780785197980



  • Movie Tie-in: Primarily, this graphic novel is an official prequel to the first Ant-Man film (2015). It was designed to generate excitement and introduce some backstory for audiences before the movie's release.




  • Hank Pym's Story: The focus is on the original Ant-Man, Dr. Hank Pym. You'll see him on a dangerous Cold War mission in East Berlin, showcasing his use of the Ant-Man technology.
  • Scott Lang's Transformation: It includes Scott Lang's comic book origin story as the new Ant-Man.
  • Infinite Comic: It contains the first chapter of Marvel's Ant-Man Cinematic Infinite Comic. These were digital comics designed to specifically complement the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Classic Stories: You'll also find some classic Ant-Man reprints featuring defining moments throughout the character's comic book history.


Key Details


  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Original Release: The exact release date depends on where it was purchased, but the approximate release was around June 2015 in preparation for the film.
  • Creative Team:
    • Writers: Will Corona Pilgrim, David Michelinie, Nick Spencer, Mark Waid
    • Artist: Miguel Sepulveda and various classic Ant-Man artists
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