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Real Name: His real name is Wade Wilson.

Marvel Comics Graphic Novels - Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe [Brand New]




The "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" series is a dark, twisted, and often humorous alternate-reality storyline where Deadpool embarks on a bloody rampage across the Marvel Universe. After being manipulated and psychologically broken, he turns against all his former allies and foes, systematically murdering every hero and villain he can find.


Key Points


  • A Non-Canon Story: This series exists outside the main Marvel timeline (Earth-616), so the events depicted don't affect classic Marvel stories.
  • Brutal and Unpredictable: The series is known for its graphic violence and shocking deaths of beloved characters.
  • Twisted Humor: Even amidst the darkness, Deadpool's signature humor is present, making the story both disturbing and oddly comedic.
  • Multiple Volumes: The initial "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" was so popular that it spawned sequels like "Deadpool Killustrated" and "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again."
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