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Sauce, Pizza Oven, Baking Rack and More!

Mini Pizza Sauce Shop 20-Piece Prop Set - 1:6 Scale Toy Food Accesory Pack


What's Included:


  • 20 Individual pieces
  • Variety of pizza toppings (pepperoni, olives, etc.)
  • Pizza sauce containers
  • Pizza boxes
  • Utensils
  • Other pizzeria-themed accessories




  • 1:6 scale - This means it's perfect for dolls around 12 inches in height, hot toys, Mezco, but can also be used with some 1:12 Scale Toy Photography


It features everything you need to stock a tiny pizzeria, from miniature pizza boxes and containers of pizza sauce to a selection of mini-sized pizza toppings like pepperoni, olives, and peppers. There are even tiny utensils, perfect for miniature chefs to create the perfect pizza pie. This playset is sure to unbox your imagination and storytelling detils

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