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Battle Cat's true identity is Cringer, Prince Adam's cowardly pet tiger. However, when Adam transforms into He-Man, he wields

Super Impulse Masters of the Universe Worlds Smallest Toys - BATTLE CAT Mini


Product Details


  • Retro Fun: These toys are all about nostalgia. They're designed to bring back memories of the classic Masters of the Universe action figures, but shrunk down to an incredibly small size.
  • Displayability: The blister card packaging, display stand, and small size make them perfect for showcasing on a shelf or desk.
  • Collectibility: As part of the World's Smallest series, these are designed for collectors, especially Masters of the Universe fans. There are other figures in the line like He-Man, Teela, and Skeletor.


Micro Size, Mega Detail


Don't let Battle Cat's size fool you. This pocket-sized hero boasts an incredible level of detail. From his fierce fangs to his signature green and red armor, this micro action figure authentically captures Battle Cat's spirit.


Retro Charm Overload


The World's Smallest Battle Cat comes packaged in a replica of the original blister card, igniting a wave of nostalgia for classic Masters of the Universe toys. It even includes a display stand, so you can showcase your tiny tiger warrior in all his glory.


The Purr-fect Collectible


Whether you're a diehard Masters of the Universe fan or simply love quirky miniatures, Super Impulse's World's Smallest Battle Cat is an irresistible addition to your collection.

  • Product Specs

    Product Specs

    • Size: 1.25 inches tall
    • Articulation: Three points of articulation (likely head and front paws)
    • Accessories: Miniature saddle
    • Packaging:Retro-themed blister card and display stand. The idea is to mimic the look of the original vintage Masters of the Universe figures.
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